Daniel Bédard

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Daniel Bédard En Francais


 *        1988 - present     Develop and teach the electronic music and electronic composition curriculum at Laurentian University, Sudbury.

*        1988 -  present   Music for more than 20 films, including Exploring the Weather: Reflections on Canadian Meteorology, winner of the Golden Sheath for best documentary film- science and technology category the 1990 Yorkton film festival, and winner of best film-science category at la casa del sciencas in Coruña, Spain 1990.

*        1988 -  present    Soundscapes and music for multimedia installations, including Extinction Theater (Canadian Museum of Nature, Ottawa) 2006, Aztec on the River (San Antonio, Texas) 2005, The Climate Show (Glasgow, Ecosse) 2004 et (Los Angeles, California) 2007, also on tour throughout North America until 2007 ( available in 6 languages in DVD format) winner of the Canadian Environment Awards (CEA) Silver in ‘Climate Change’ Category (2004), Dynamic Earth (Science Norh) 2003, Exploring Chimpanzees: The Remarkable World of Jane Goodall (several sites throughout the U.S) 2002-2008 winner of  The Canadian Association of Science Centres (CASC)Best Exhibit Award (2003), Timeship 2000 (gov’t of Ontario) 1999-2000, Teamworks Theater (San Jose, California) 1999, Brain Magic (St. Paul, Minnesota) 1999,  Ford Design Studio (Dearborn, Michigan) 1999, Red River Adventure (Shreveport, Louisiana) 1998,  Shark Attack! (Baltimore, Maryland  et Sarasota, Florida) 1997 & 1999, Your Amazing Brain (Sherbrooke, Québec, Barrington, Illinois et South Bend , Indiana) 1991 & 1999

 *        1986-87 Theme and 14 variations for Histoire de conter I & II, radio series produced by Michel Morin for the Société Radio-Canada. Sold to Radio France in 1989 & 1991.  Distributed in cassette format by les enterprises Radio Canada as  Histoire de conter / Enterprises SRC (SWC 002).

*        1985-  present      Music and soundscapes for poetry, including l’écho des ombres /Michel Dallaire (éditions Interligne, Ottawa) 2005, à l’écart du troupeau / Michel Dallaire (éditions Interligne, Ottawa) 2003 (Trille Or nomination for best poetry and music album 2005), le pays intime /  Michel Dallaire (éditions Prise de Parole, Sudbury & SRC/CBON) 1999 (winner of the Trille Or for best poetry and music album 2001) , La cuisine de la poésie présente:  Robert Dickson (Édition Prise de Parole) 1985

*        1985-  present     Several electroacoustic works for musicians, gadgets and soundtrack (see partial list of electroacoustic works), including En voie d'extinction (1993) for choir and soundtrack, national premier by the Vancouver Chamber Choir (Vancouver) November 2000, and  Sudden?Metamorphosis (1995), for classical guitarist Philip Candelaria,  who has given more than 50 performances of the work in Canada, the United States, South America and Jamaica. In July 1997, the work was presented at the Canadian embassy in Santiago, Chile, as part of the Canada Week celebrations.

*        1983-  present     Music and soundscapes for several plays, including Autour d’un Foyer: Crise2 Théâtre du Nouvel-Ontario director- André Perrier (2004), Sahel Théâtre du Nouvel-Ontario director- André Perrier (2003),  Univers (Winner of the Masque for best franco-canadian production at the soirée des Masques 2003), a Théâtre du Nouvel-Ontario, Théâtre de l'Escaouette and Théâtre français du Centre National des Arts co-production director-André Perrier (2001), Du pépin à la fissure (Winner of the Masque for best franco-canadian production at the soirée des Masques 2001; critic’s choice nomination - Le Droit), Théâtre du Nouvel-Ontario director-André Perrier  (2000), Ordres du Jour  Théâtre du Nouvel-Ontario (1993), Deuxième Souffle, a Théâtre du Nouvel-Ontario and  Théâtre français du Centre National des Arts co-production(1991), Au pays de Ti-Jean  Théâtre du Nouvel-Ontario (1983) and Théâtre de l'Acadie (1984)


 *        DISCOGRAPHY(97-05): L’Homme exponentiel(SP0605) 2005 and L’Homme Exponentiel – les singles (SP 0703) 2003 / Stef Paquette (bass, ac gtr, programming, spoons, backing vocals); / The Gift/Amy St. John (ASTJ 1204) 2004 ((bass, ac gtr, programming, backing vocals) Baila Conmigo / Mauricio Montecinos (GABP0401) (bass, programming, backing vocals) 2001; Echo / Jacinthe Trudeau (basse, programming,soundscapes)(JTM 0699)2000; Passage Boréal / Alex Berthelot (bass, backing vocals)(AB 0599)2000; A Mother's Rose / Claudette Pinard (bass, ac gtr, keyboards backing vocals) (CP 0599) 2000;  Je suis comme je suis / Stéphane Paquette (bass, ac gtr, backing vocals)(SP 0900) 2000 ; Terre Fragile / Jean-Guy Labelle (musical director, bass, backing vocals, vocal arrangements) (CL 403) 1998;  Living a Dream / Larry Berrio (bass, mandolin, backing vocals) (LB 0597)1997; No Reservations / No Reservations (bass) (Juno nominee 1998) (NRN 1197)1997;  Last Call / Amy St. John (bass, ac gtr, backing vocals) (ASJT 1197)1997.

*        2000- present Musical director, arranger, bassist, backing vocalist with Stef Paquette

*        1997-98  Bassist with house band for La boîte à chanson d'aujourd'hui, a series aired by TFO Thursdays

           and Sundays at 8:00 PM.

*        1996 Ten concerts in Chile and Argentina in Decembre with the fusion funk-latino group Music of the

           Americas.   First North-American group invited to perform at the Trabun festival in San Martin de los   Andes         in        Argentina.

*        1995 - présent   Composer/keyboardist/programmer with the cyber-jazz group CAGE.

*        1994-98  Musical director, arranger, bassist, backing vocalist with Jean-Guy "Chuck" Labelle. Bassist and backing vocalist with Robert Paquette and Paul Demers.

*        1982-84 Multi-instrumentalist (bass, classical gtr, cello, mandolin, keyboards, melodica, spoons and backing vocals) with the children’s show Pierre et le Papillon. Over 500 shows presented coast to coast in Canada.

 Discography Producer / Arranger    

2006 L'homme exponentiel /Stef Paquette (Pop)(Audio DVD plus Audio  w CD Rom)

2005 l’écho des ombres / Michel Dallaire (éditions Interligne, Ottawa)

2004 The Gift / Amy St. John (ASJT 1204) (Christmas)

2003 L'homme exponentiel – les singles / Stef Paquette (SP 0703)

(Pop) (nominations: Best francophone album at Northern Ontario Music and Film Awards 2003; best album at the Trille Or ceremonies (Ottawa) 2005; the single Homme Exponentiel winner of Trille Or for single of the year 2005)

2003 à l’écart du troupeau / Michel Dallaire (éditions Interligne, Ottawa) (nominated for best poetry/music album

            at the Trille Or ceremonies (Ottawa) 2005)

2001 Baila Conmigo / Mauricio Montecinos (GABP 0401)

(Latino / fusion) distributed by Sony Chile

2000 le pays intime /  Michel Dallaire (éditions Prise de Parole,

Sudbury and SRC/CBON) 1999 (winner of the Trille Or for best poetry/music album 2001)

2000 Je suis comme Je suis / Stéphane Paquette (single)(SP 0900)

1999 Echo / Jacinthe Trudeau (JTM 0699) (fiddle/worldbeat)

(nomination for Best Instrumental Album and winner Best Folk

Album at the Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards 2000; winner of the Trille Or for best instrumental album 2001)

1999 A Mother's Rose / Claudette Pinard (CP 0599)(Country)

available as part of That's Country 3, European Country Music Association, Spain)

1997 Last Call / Amy St. John (ASJT 1197) (Gospel)

1997 Living a Dream / Larry Berrio (LB 0597) (Country)

1996 Terre fragile / Jean-Guy Labelle (CL 403) (Pop)

1995 Lipskin Dance / Lipskin Dance (Trip hop)

1992 El Poder Intimo / (Various Instrumental_

1990 Les flocons dansent / Pierre Germain (Radiogram SRC)

1985 La cuisine de la poésie / Robert Dickson (PP 085) (Poetry and music)

1982 Pierre et le Papillon / Pierre et le Papillon (MP 1085) re-released as Brindille chante Pierre et le Papillon in 2000

  (winner of the Trille Or for best children’s album 2001)

 Partial list of Electroacoustic Works

2000     Hauntings   for Voice and 4 track soundscape (electroacoustic)

 2000    Looking Back  for sackbut, tenor sax , piano and 4 track soundscape (electroacoustic)

 1995    Desmond's Choice (electronic)

 1995  SUDDEN ? METAMORPHOSIS for classical gtr, DAT and delay ( 5 movt's) commissioned by Philip Dent-            Candelaria and premiered in Edmonton & Calgary in Feb ' 9 and in Chicago, Boston and St.Louis in                         March '95 recorded by CBC radio in Edmonton

 1994  STUDy, STUdy, STudy, Study (trombone and delay) (2 mov'ts)

 1994  Even More aMazing  (for M and saxophone) (3 mov'ts)

 1993  En voie d'extinction (tape & choir) (4 mov'ts)

 1992  El Poder Intimo  (electronic) (8 mov'ts) based on a series of paintings by Michel Galipeau

 1992  Vice Versa (for Octapad II, MIDI BASS and WX -11)(4 mov'ts)

 1992  Quatre Aspects de Sarah (for DAT and saxophone)(4 mov'ts)

 1992  Art of Noises (for sequencer and FZ - 10 Sampler)(3 mov'ts)

 1992  Rimes Enfantines  (for DAT and tenor)(3 mov'ts)

 1992  aMazing  (for M and saxophone)(3 mov'ts)

 1992  Layers   (for keyboard controller , Mirage, Esq1, FZ-10,

          TX81Z,     Roland R8-M and MX-8 Patchbay)(2 mov'ts)